Confused by Safety?

Unsure if you comply?

Scared it will be too costly?

Worried it will take too long?

Don’t have staff to run it?

MLC Guy Services provide cost effective safety management systems that you can run yourself using a range of free tools. You don’t have to spend thousands on a system to meet your work safe safety compliance obligations.
We can conduct a safety audit for you.

Safety Audit Helps You:

  • Be safety complaint.
  • Provide a safe workplace for you and your staff.
  • Have a safe system designed for your exact needs and your business processing schedule.
  • Have a simple systems that only needs yearly reviews.
  • Meet your obligations under the safety act without spending thousands on a safety system.
    … and much, MUCH more!


We provide you with the training and skills you need to be able to run your own safety management system to save you money. Back up and support is available as required. Clear, easy systems that only need yearly reviews.

Safety Myths

Here are some safety myths that you might think are true:

  • Safety is expensive
  • Safety is time consuming
  • You need lots of staff to run safety systems
  • You can’t stop accidents
  • I only have family working for me so safety doesn’t apply.

All of these are myths and incorrect. Contact MLC Guy Services and get the facts. Phone: 0400 896 966

Clear, easy safety that is cost effective and works for your business.